Junior Dance Classes 

Our Junior division allows your budding performer to continue to develop their skill set in their chosen discipline.  We continue to offer non-competitive, recreational classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Hip-Hop, following the renowned European curriculum, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (I.S.T.D).

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Ballet/taP,  ballet/jazz  &  Ballet/hip-hop

This is our last stage of the combo classes before going into Level I (single discipline classes).  More advanced vocabulary is taught in all styles at this level with the beginnings of a solid dance foundation and a serious approach to their technique development through the renowned European Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing curriculum (I.S.T.D)  At this age, although not a requirement, we recommend teaming your weekly schedule with a second class, such as Tumbling, Hip-Hop or Musical Theatre. 

Technique Level I classes (8yrs +)
Ballet, Tap, Jazz (1 hr)

A serious approach to technique development through the renowned European Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing curriculum (I.S.T.D.) in all styles.  Classes are divided into individual disciplines.  It is highy recommended that students take 2-3 of the major disciplines to better further their dance training.   Adding classes like tumbling, hip-hop or musical theatre rounds out their performance training.



5-8yrs,  6-9yrs, & 10+YRS

Using funky choreography to the tunes your child loves, this class is a must for any mover & groover!  These classes are extremely high energy and so much fun!  Continues to build confidence, flexibility and rhythm and even allows them to test out their choreographic skills from time to time.  


Acro/Tumbling 4-7yrs  &  6-10yrs

Incorporating the skills of a gymnast into dance!  Learn to cartwheel, walkover, to do the splits, a handstand and more!  This class works on integrating gymnastics and acrobatics into dance choreography whilst improving strength and flexibility.

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When I moved to Sherman Oaks, one of the first things I did was look for something for my then 7 year old daughter to take part in at weekends. Long story short, for the last 3 years, my daughter has been taking classes here consistently. She absolutely loves her hip hop and drama classes. So grateful to have came across Blue Starz. An experience my daughter and I will cherish forever.
— Brenda - Blue starz mom