What will I typically do at a day at camp?

Our mornings begin with circle time to welcome everyone in for camp and meet our new friends through lively warm-up and focus games.  Based on the exciting theme of the week, throughout the day, campers will learn two or three simple routines, either dancing, singing, or both, from ballet to hip-hop! Half-day campers break twice for a snack and small lunch - full-day campers have two snack breaks and a lunch.  During lunch, we allow them to restore some energy, whilst watching around 20 minutes of the movie of the theme of the week.  They will do a wonderful craft to take with them at the end of each day, and certainly don't go home before having a magical disco dance party!

What do I need to bring and wear to camp?

All campers need to bring with them is their lunch/snacks/refreshment!  A change of clothes for some of the younger campers, if you wish, and their lovely selves! 

Campers do NOT need to wear dance clothes for our camps, although they are welcome to.  We suggest anything that is comfortable to move in, such as leggings or jogging bottoms and a t-shirt.  Bare feet or a closed toe shoes are perfect! 

What are the hours & pricing of camp?

3-5yr 5-day camp: 9:00am-1:00pm  -  $260
 - we open our doors at 9:00am to begin check-in and again at 1:00pm to check-out. 

4-8yr 5-day camp: 9:00am-3:00pm  -  $375
- we open our doors at 9:00am to begin check-in and again at 3:00pm to check-out. 

Our doors remain locked throughout camp, so If you are going to be late to drop-off, or need to pick up early on any day, please let one of our camp teachers know so we can plan to be in our lobby to open up.  

Can I just do a couple of days, or must I do all 5 days?

Summer camps are five days, whilst winter and spring camps range from 3-5 depending on calendar dates and availability.  All sign ups are for every day camp is scheduled as we usually hit capacity, and therefore have limited daily spots.

What happens if I change my mind last minute, can I cancel my camp registration?

Once you've signed up for a camp and it is paid for, it is considered final.  Please be sure of your dates and commitments when reserving their space.  We base our teacher/student ratio on how many campers we have ahead of time.  However, if a camp is FULL, and we have a wait-list and can sell your spot, we are more than happy to do so - so it's worth asking.